Cartoon Modern and practical tests

So based on the research I did on Cartoon Modern aesthetics, I decided to create a character and try some experiments along with it.


Yes he’s is the one, strutting along the imaginary roadside.

The experiment i tried was by adding shadows and creating a sense of depth. Also looks like cut-out animation.


From my research paper:

“In background design 4 the arrangement and use of textures makes it easy to interpret and even though the details are limited the unique approach of using textures gives it a pleasing look. In the last design though I decided to take it a step further and decided to experiment by adding shadows to create a false sense of depth. This produced a pleasing effect where the whole image looks as if it was shot by placing it on top of glass and layering it to get the final result. This reminded me of Disney’s Multiplane camera which was used to create false sense of depth in 2D movies by layering and adjusting or moving the camera to create and manipulate; perspective. The designs were kept simple and lines were not used often and objects were just depicted using block of colours.”


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