Cartoon Modern – Traditional vs Digital

Based on UPA and Cartoon Modern aesthetics, I decided to animate a character in Adobe Flash.

Flash gives us a comprehensive list of tools, which are extremely useful in animation.

Character :


I took reference from an Illustration used in the the movie Padosan (1968)

Padosan Ref

For creating the character I used the Pen tool. This helped me to get a more refined and clean design and by converting lines into fills, I was able to replicate the brush stroke effect.

For the walk cycle, I used frame by frame animation by nesting the symbols and rotating as required.

Similarly for the background – Pen tool



Final animation – The setup

For the given character separate symbols were used for each body part, which was made by pen tool. They were converted into groups and their registration point was set. For the pivotal points like ‘shoulder and hand’s ‘meeting point’, setting the registration point helped to move the character around like a puppet.


hand          leg

And the animation:


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